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Gemütliche und preiswerte Hotels in St. Petersburg

St. Petersburg is not only one of the largest and most interesting city in Russia - its architectural and cultural heritage is of great value and attracts a large number of tourists, not only from Russia, but also from other countries around the world. In addition, St. Petersburg is a major industrial and financial center, and as such, business conferences and seminars are a relatively common occurrence. Business leaders often come to the city on the Neva River to negotiate with corporate partners and clients. St. Petersburg is visited daily by a huge number of people whose visits may last for days or even weeks.

Wohnungen und Hotels in St. Petersburg

In the modern day, nearly every inhabitant of the CIS knows firsthand about the beauty of St. Petersburg and its historic role in Russia’s history. This glorious city is also well-known abroad. Every year, a huge number of tourists arrive in St. Petersburg with the desire to see the splendors of the “Northern Capital” of Russia.

Was ist besser, Wohnungen und Hotels in St. Petersburg?

It is widely known that large cities are always busy with lots of people who are traveling, seeing attractions and staying literally overnight, as well as guests who come for a variety of business needs such as corporate negotiations, signing of contracts or standard business trips. And, of course, each time such a situation occurs, the question of type of necessary accommodation arises. Being the largest city in Russia, St. Petersburg is often overflowing with visitors. The “Northern Capital” is highly popular among the many tourists, as most of the attractions located in the city are incredibly unique and distinctive.

Hotels in St. Petersburg, riesige Auswahl

What shapes a tourist’s opinion about a city? Tourists typically note the beautiful attractions, the quality of excursions, the friendliness of the people they meet, but - first and foremost - the quality of the hotels. After all, when one is in an unfamiliar city, the first thing a tourist or business person takes advantage of, is the opportunity to arrive and relax at the hotel.

Hotels in St. Petersburg für Touristen und Geschäftsleute

St. Petersburg is a beautiful and fascinating city. Despite its short history in comparison to other major European cities, this beautiful city on the Neva River has a special charm and rich historical heritage that is all its own. After all, at one time it was the capital of Russia, the largest country on Earth, and this of course, has made the city highly unique in many aspects. Due to its great number of well-known historical attractions it draws many tourists from all around the world.

Stilvolle und preiswerte Hotels in St. Petersburg

St. Petersburg always welcomes tourists and visitors. The hotels of St. Petersburg are located in the historic centre, next to the picturesque cultural and historic monuments of the “Venice of the North”. By having a prime location, city hotels offer a level of comfort that corresponds to the impeccable service and European standards that our guests are accustomed to.

Hotels in St. Petersburg - die besten Hotels für Freizeit und Unterkunft

It doesn't matter whether you are sightseeing, traveling or on a business trip, or whether you have arrived by train or plane, the most important thing is - you're visiting St. Petersburg. Every day, every hour the Northern Capital is alive and flowing, with hundreds of thousands of people from all over the world. Some visit St. Petersburg while traveling, for others, it’s due to unique circumstances. And if you are someone who’s always on the go, who quickly wants to choose a hotel in St. Petersburg, but who wants to enjoy a top-notch stay, our site, which features a variety of St. Petersburg hotels, is designed just for you.

Hotels in St. Petersburg Kurz und knapp das Wichtigste

St. Petersburg - the magnificent city; your journey to the Northern Capital can fill you with great joy - a person becomes enlightened here, with new impressions and warm positive emotions. And no matter what the reason for the trip: be it a tourism excursion, a business trip or for personal reasons - in all situations, visitors have the opportunity to view the best the city has to offer, from the royal palaces and museums, to the delightful plazas and promenades and onto the culturally educational monuments and historic sites.

Hotels in St. Petersburg Eleganz für wenig Geld

We are always ready to offer clients assistance when it comes to determining which level of hotel in St. Petersburg is right for you. To determine the affordability of hotel choices - just type in the search bar which type of hotel you are interested in and you will be offered apartments that fit your personal taste. We will always provide you with concise details on living conditions, specific addresses, photos of the rooms, as well as the exact price at the current time of your search.

Hotels in St. Petersburg Abwechslungsreiche Auswahl

St. Petersburg’s finest hotel selection system is based upon the specific needs of each individual. For some, the choice of St. Petersburg hotels is based strictly upon the value, and comforts, location and affordable services do not play an essentially large role. For others, the main criterion is how close the hotel is to the metro or train station. Visitors are quite often interested primarily in hotels on Nevsky Prospect or throughout the surrounding area. A third important criterion is the available services.

Wohnungen in St. Petersburg mieten - einfach und problemlos

When a person is visiting another city, especially when they are planning to stay for a longer duration, two questions normally come to mind. The first question that people ask is - ”Should I book a hotel in advance or just wait until I arrive?” And the second question is - ”Should I stay in a hotel or rent an apartment?” Of course, both of these options have their particular advantages. And, above all, they both depend on the required preferences of the individual. When opting for the leasing of an apartment in St. Petersburg, you choose, first of all, the atmosphere of comfort and coziness, to which you are accustomed to at home.

Bequeme Wohnungen in St. Petersburg mieten

If you are arriving in St. Petersburg for a stay of 2 to 3 days or longer, it may be necessary to acquire a place of temporary residence. Here there are two options - a hotel or a private apartment. Of course, St. Petersburg hotels and apartments have their own advantages. By renting an apartment for a short or long-term stay, you have at your leisure a fully furnished apartment with private facilities and all the necessary amenities.

Mietwohnungen in St. Petersburg, elitäre Appartements

Renting an apartment in St. Petersburg is one of the best options for people who come to the city on the Neva River for a short-term visit. In each apartment you will find everything you need for a comfortable and enjoyable stay. Of course, design quality, the atmosphere and related amenities will vary according to pricing and affordability. However, one thing you can always be assured of, when it comes to the apartments offered by the Nevsky Hotels Group, you can always expect the comfort, convenience and warm atmosphere that you are accustomed to in regards to quality of service and support.

Wohnungen in St. Petersburg mieten, ist derzeit sehr populär

Hotels have existed for a very long time, dating back to when people began to travel as they moved from one place to another. At different times and in different cultures they have had distinctly different names reflecting their nature, such as inns or guest houses. And at all times they have maintained their popularity, especially more so as people have expanded their traveling and business needs from city to city.

Wohnungen in St. Petersburg mieten - bequem und komfortabel

Most people tend to believe that if you visit the city of St. Petersburg for a short 2 or 3-day period, that the only suitable option for accommodations are hotels. Unfortunately, they neglect to consider the renting of an apartment, which they can make use of for a longer term, such as, two to three weeks or more. This is a very common mistake - you can rent an apartment in St. Petersburg for a very short duration of stay. We can offer you the best, most convenient and comfortable apartments in all of St. Petersburg, all conveniently located in the historic centre or in one of the residential districts and in close proximity to the nearest metro station.